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No New Posts Roof Cleaning Pumps, Methods, What to Buy, what to Avoid, Air Diaphragms, Electric Delavans  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Pumps 32 10391
I was talking to another member last night re: pumps and thought I would repost so others may use the info if it helps new roof cleaners to understand chemical delivery pumps better. Air Diaphragm = A/D SHC=Sodium Hypochlorite Remember that the 1/2" Air Diaphragm Pump is going to give you more op...
No New Posts Pump set up video. (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Equipment 5 3633​ture=related
No New Posts 12V Delavan FATBOY 7gpm pump  ( 1 2 3 4 56 ) (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Pumps 119 63230
12V Delavan 7870 FATBOY 7gpm pump Performance 7870/7970PSIGPMAmps107.011206.8112405.9613604.9817803.96211002.5525​8.pdf ht...
No New Posts DELAVAN RCIA DISCOUNT PRICING (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 2 3540
We would like to offer special pricing on DELAVAN pumps.  Please send an email to Lori listing your model number. We will beat any advertised price!!! You may visit Delavan at the link listed below.
No New Posts Regulator on 12V Delavans (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 17 6591
Did you know that if you add a regulator to you Delavan chemical pump, you can extend the life up to 50%? Call or email Lori and ask for the diagram by Delavan.
No New Posts Extend the life of your Delavan (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Pumps 2 2271
Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! You can extend the life of your Delavan by adding a regulator to your Delavan set-up.  According to Bill at Delavan, you can extend the life of your Delavan by up to 50%!!! Call or email Lori for more information.
No New Posts Drawing for Delavan 12V 5850-101E Give-A-Way  ( 1 2 3 4 ) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 70 19963
I would like to give away a Delavan 5850-101E for RCIA customer appreciation.  Post a picture of you and your rig on this thread for a chance to win.  The drawing will be held on February 16 at 5 pm EST. You must have a complete signature including cell phone number and address listed for shipping.  You ha...
No New Posts All-Flo, Delavan and Pressure Washer Trailer (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 19 10186
I thought that I would post some pics of this weekend's project.  Our customer drove down from the snow and rain up North to visit us this weekend.  He brought his brand new Cargo South trailer, his wife and little puppy girl, Maggie!  Thank you for the referral. -- Edited by Pressure Washer Products on...
No New Posts A Few Tips From Pressure Washer Products  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 24 11413
Always up-size the the hose on the suction side of the pump.  Flood the pump. Use a 5/8" hose with the Delavan 5850 and 3/4" hose with the Faboy. If using the 12 volt pumps, buy an extra pump and keep it in the truck along with an extra pressure switch and fuses. Use a combination filter / regulat...
No New Posts PVDF NOZZLES! CHECK THEM OUT! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 9 6009
There are a few manufacturers that make these PVDF nozzles.  The colors make it nice to easily identify them at a glance.  The color is the same for the capacity.  For example, red is a 30. Please see an example of the colors below. -- Edited by Pressure Washer Products on Friday 26th of February 2010 05:...
No New Posts Delavan Fatboy Sale...$205 each (ends 4/30/10) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 5 4377
Pressure Washer Products is grateful for our customers!  Enjoy $10 off the cost of a FATBOY until April 30, 2010. Please call or email for more information. Thank you, Lori
No New Posts Give your Roof Cleaning Pump the HOOK UP!!! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 11 6635
Pressure Washer Products would like to offer a suction side ag hose and all pvc filter for use with your Delavan, Shurflo, Flojet, Yamada, All-Flo, John Blue, Comet, Hypro or Udor pump. We recommend flooding the suction side of your pump. Use at least a 3/4" ag type hose no more than 14' long with a...
No New Posts Pressure Washer Products GREATLY APPRECIATES RCIA! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 0 3613
We at Pressure Washer Products sincerely appreciate all of you at RCIA.  We appreciate all of the referrals and feedback both good and constructive! We appreciate the opportunity to provide assistance with technical issues with your roof cleaning pumps, pressure washers, surface cleaners and e...
No New Posts Ammonyx and Green Apple Sale as a THANK YOU! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 7 5496
We are running one more sale on the ammonyx lo and on the green apple fragrance for a while. The ammonyx LO pricing will be priced as follows: $14/gal $60/5 gal $115/10 gal $170/15 gal Green Apple  $80/ 1 gallon $285/ 5 gallons We sincerely appreciate you.  
No New Posts Contest For FREE Green Apple Fragrance!  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 39 13964
Pressure Washer Products would love to see photos of your rigs. For a chance to win the gallon of Chlorine Stable Fragrance, please post a pic of your rig with plumbing.  The second name drawn will receive a gallon of the Ammonyx M or Apple Butter.  It is thick like honey. You may post one pic of your rig an...
No New Posts Save Your Money...Make Your Own Chemical Wand (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 9 6448
Pressure Washer Products would like to save you money. Make your own chemical wand assemblies. These can be used with the 12 volt pumps, air diaphragm pumps, roller pumps and ag pumps. Please see the pics listed below.
No New Posts 3 Way Bolted Ball Valve for Easy Rinse of your Pump (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 6 5340
My Father thought that if some of you would like to use a three way bolted ball valve with stainless steel mounts, it would make it much easier to rinse your pump at the end of the day or job. We recommend a 3/4" or 1" 3 way side load bolted ball valve by Banjo.  Ge the Stainless Steel mounts to allo...
No New Posts Do you want to FRY your 12 Volt Pump?  ( 1 2 3 4 ) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 76 23722
If you would like to FRY your 12 volt pump, please do the following: 1.  Use a 1/2" id chemical hose for your Fatboy or smaller instead of 5/8" or 3/4". 2.  Use a 1/2" clear braid poly hose on the suction side of the pump instead of 3/4" or 1" ag hose 3.  Use a mushroom type st...
No New Posts Slotted Tank Filter in Tank---How To and Where (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 16 8124
Below, you will see a pic of the slotted pipe filter and the clear ag hose with the white helix.  A pvc pipe acts as a sleeve to keep it in the bottom of the tank.  My Father heated up the end to give it a wider neck. What are your thoughts?
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Equipment Options for Set-Up (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 15 8808
Please check out the preliminary version of our roof cleaning set-up.  There are many options.  It is displayed with many different choices in which to use.  We would like your opinions. Thanks again, Lori -- Edited by Pressure Washer Products on Friday 28th of May 2010 02:25:59 AM
No New Posts What do you do with moss and lichen? (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 0 3753
Can you please email or pm me on the methodolgy used to remove lichen and moss?  I would like to better assist you with products needed. Thank you for your help! Lori
No New Posts Tell us what is WRONG with the picture! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 12 4913
I see many things wrong with this photo.  This in not an RCIA member. Please post your ideas of what is wrong is this photo.
Poll Please vote and leave your comment for PWP  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 29 11942
Pressure Washer Products would like to know if you guys would like to meet for a social and product education on Thursday July 29 or Sunday August 1.  We could give away the All-Flo Pump Package at the event.  We will cover All-Flo pumps.  The topics could range from repair and maintenance of your roof...
No New Posts Frying your Delavan Pressure Switch....AGAIN? Cooking your Relay on your Fatboy? (Preview) Pressure Washer Products 15 16501
Just a friendly reminder from PWP! Are you calling us asking for a pressure switch for your 5850 or Fatboy or trying to find out where you can get a relay for your Fatboy? Pressure Washer Products has the pressure switches for the 5850 and Fatboy 12 Volt Pumps for $14 each.  (I shopped around and that is C...
No New Posts How Do You Assemble Your Soft Wash System? (Preview) Pressure Washer Products 10 10640
If you need help putting together your soft wash or roof wash system, please DO NOT CALL REX.  His number is for pump tech help.  Please email or call Lori. (800) 519-9279 or (727) 562-5488 We have pictures of actual set-ups, diagrams, step by step instructions (f...
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